IoT, it really is all about the data

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

When I think about what IoT can bring to organizations it really is all about the data.  There is one customer that I think is the purest example of a simple yet elegant business model and that’s Petasense – where the value of the data is the value of the company.  

PTCRB Certification Helps Accelerate Your Cellular IoT Deployment

Hugo Fiennes |
CEO and co-founder@Electric Imp

We’re very happy to announce that our impC001-US — the US/Canada version of our cellular hardware for our impCellular IoT connectivity service— has been PTCRB “end device” certified.

impCellular: Now Shipping in Volume to Kick-Start Your IoT Business

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

In May, Electric Imp announced impCellular, which dramatically simplifies the complexities of cellular IoT and enables our customers to rapidly deliver secure, cost effective, and ubiquitous commercial-grade IoT solutions. This is Cellular IoT, Reinvented.  To learn more about impCellular and how […]

IoT...Do It Yourself?

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

It’s tempting to build your own connected device, either wifi and/or cellular, given that connecting a device to the Internet, and keeping it secure,  seems routine and straightforward.

Electric Imp’s Tips for IoT Success in 2018: Part 3

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

Many businesses are already using the IoT to transform their products and services, demonstrating that innovation continues to reduce the overall cost and complexity  of developing connected devices, while showing strong benefits -- leading us to believe 2018 will be a decisive year for IoT […]