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Lala Amps Up Audio in Latest Imp OS Release


The Imp gets more powerful all the time as our embedded team adds features with each new Imp OS release. As we saw last week, the latest Imp OS is particularly exciting with features like the ability to turn WiFi on and off, faster WiFi join, and more memory for user programs. One of the most […]

Electric Imp Introduces New imp Module, OS and Team Members


Good news, everyone! A few weeks have gone by and we’ve sufficiently recovered from our collective Maker Faire hangover, so it’s time for another update on all things Electric Imp. Let’s get to it.

New Imp OS 25 Features Faster WiFi Join, More Available Memory


Today we rolled out an upgrade - Release 25 - to the imp firmware, the mini operating system that lives on the imp and runs your Squirrel code. Release 25 is the first upgrade in a little while - and so, just like the late spring that’s suddenly blossomed all around Electric Imp’s UK office here in […]

UC Berkeley CS Students Play Cards Right with imp-Powered Homage to Yu-Gi-Oh!


Electric Imp guest blogger Richie Zeng is a UC Berkeley student majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Electric Imp Releases New Solder-Down imp Module - imp002


Electric Imp is designed to be the core of your connectivity, and today we are announcing the expansion of the imp lineup with the availability of the new solder-down imp002 module.