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Happy Imp-iversary to Us - Times Two!


At Electric Imp, we’re pretty fond of this part of the year. Besides being the time that Maker Faire rolls around, it’s also the first anniversary of the announcement of the imp, and the second anniversary of Electric Imp’s founding.

Electric Imp Has a Sweet Time at Maker Faire


The second annual imp invasion of Bay Area Maker Faire concluded a few days ago, and it was a blast! For two days, the San Mateo Event Center was overrun by thousands of enthusiasts from the maker community, who navigated the grounds alongside an eclectic collection of robots, steampunks, art […]

Electric Imp Monkeys Around Before Maker Faire


Hey everyone, it’s Electric Imp Community Manager Matt with a friendly reminder that Electric Imp is attending the Bay Area Maker Faire on May 18th and 19th. We can’t wait, so we built something to help count down the days for us.

Makers, Start Your Inventions!


Hey there, Kevin here. As always, things are buzzing at Electric Imp so let’s get right to it!

Buzz Shoots, Scores with Electric Imp


Some of us at Electric Imp are die hard hockey fans. We love the intensity and fast pace of the game, but our busy schedules and the places we live don’t allow us to get as close to the action as we would like. Thankfully, there is now a novel way to follow our favorite cities and keep track of all […]