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Electric Imp announces Secure, High Performance Support for AMQP


Data-Driven IoT Applications Need Enterprise-Grade Data Integration The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to deliver data-driven insights across a diverse range of use cases with millions of edge products. Capturing, delivering and integrating data at scale from the edge into the […]

Preview the all-new impCentral™ API


Many of our customers use some great command-line and GUI tools to build connected products using the Electric Imp Platform. We think you will all be thrilled with the new technology we’re introducing today as it’s going to make your development tools more effective than ever before.

Electric Imp Platform now available on the new imp004m module


One unique value for Electric Imp customers is the diverse variety of connected products our customers can create on our secure IoT connectivity and middleware platform. That includes IoT-connected products running for years on batteries and supporting wide-ranging IP connectivity.

What it means to be the world’s first IoT platform to earn UL cybersecurity certification


This past week, the world learned how critical basic cybersecurity can be.

Electric Imp announces support for Industrial IoT Connectivity with isolated LAN Ethernet, Modbus-TCP, and Modbus-RTU