Electric Imp Builds Seamless AWS Data Integration Tools


Electric Imp provides the best platform and services for manufacturers and developers to get their devices online quickly, securely and flexibly. To do so, we support the connected product technologies and services that our customers use. So we’re really pleased to announce our new Amazon Web Services (AWS) libraries.

AWS launched Kinesis Firehose earlier this month to provide a supremely scalable data ingestion layer, ideal for large deployments of IoT devices and their associated data streams. From there, you can use AWS’ RedShift to store, analyze and bring value to your data, or just archive it all automatically in S3 for later analysis.

You can incorporate support for AWS Kinesis Firehose in your agent code using our two new libraries. The first, AWSRequest4, generates correctly structured requests intended for AWS endpoints and signs the requests using Amazon’s Signature Version 4. The second library, AWSKinesisFirehose, uses AWSRequest4 to post your things’ data to the new Amazon service.

Like our many other libraries, both of these AWS libraries are open source and can be used as-is or customized for your applications. Adding either or both to your application takes just seconds.

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding more AWS integration tools based on this core, allowing you to build incredibly scalable and agile solutions with Amazon’s ever-growing set of tools.

Hugo Fiennes

Electric Imp Co-founder and CEO