Electric Imp IDE Transitioning to impCentral in March 2018


As announced last July, Electric Imp’s development environment is transitioning from its legacy IDE to the newly-released impCentral. As the successor to the Electric Imp IDE, impCentral combines the best software development and production management features of the IDE with a more intuitive and easier to navigate user experience, plus advanced product and device management features.

For the time being, the legacy IDE will continue to be available at https://legacy-ide.electricimp.com, or via links within impCentral. Users can choose to transition code and devices from the legacy IDE to impCentral until March 2018. At that point, all code and devices will automatically migrate to the new environment and the legacy IDE will be shut down.

Additional information about the transition will be announced through future emails. In the meantime, questions can be addressed in the Electric Imp forums or by visiting the new Electric Imp Dev Center.