IoT...Do It Yourself?

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

It’s tempting to build your own connected device, either wifi and/or cellular, given that connecting a device to the Internet, and keeping it secure,  seems routine and straightforward.

Electric Imp’s Tips for IoT Success in 2018: Part 3

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

Many businesses are already using the IoT to transform their products and services, demonstrating that innovation continues to reduce the overall cost and complexity  of developing connected devices, while showing strong benefits -- leading us to believe 2018 will be a decisive year for IoT […]

Raising the Bar on Security of Mass-Scale IoT

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for any IoT strategy (or product) and carries with it critical technical, business, and even legal implications. Poor or incomplete security undermines the value of an IoT offering, creates a significant business risk for a company, and can have a critical global […]

impCellular: Cellular IoT, Reinvented

Hugo Fiennes |
CEO and co-founder@Electric Imp

Back when I worked at Apple, one of my jobs was to manage the power budget for the first iPhones. As part of that effort, I benchmarked all the devices I could get my hands on to see how they managed their power use in various operating modes - idle, web browsing, email, that sort of thing.

Electric Imp Delivers High-Performance Microsoft Azure Cloud Connectivity to Simplify Secure IoT

Padma Duvvuri |
Head of Business Development

Implementing a full-scale IoT solution can be challenging. Traditionally, it takes expertise and time to develop, deploy, connect, monitor, update, and manage solutions in the field. Then, customers are often faced with the demands of translating collected data into real-world business benefits to […]