Come Hack With Electric Imp and New Relic!


Electric Imp loves hacking. Every three or four months we drop whatever we’re currently working on to spend a day building the things we’re really passionate about. Our next hackathon will be on December 7 in San Francisco, and we would like you to come hack with us!

All Treats and No Tricks from Electric Imp


Greetings, ghouls, goblins and imps on this All Hallows Eve. Though it may be Halloween, it’s anything but scary around Electric Imp. In fact, it’s downright spooktacular! As we do every month, it’s time for another tasty brew of updates directly from our boiling Internet of Fangs cauldron, so like […]

From Concept to PCB: Connected Devices Made Even Simpler


It’s no secret that the hardware revolution is upon us. More developers and companies than ever before are interested in rolling up their sleeves and producing real, tangible things - and that’s good news for everyone. Some excellent resources have popped up in the last year or two. Any developer […]

Electric Imp Rolls Out Agents to Expand Your Device’s Flexibility and Capability


Today we are excited to announce that we recently rolled out our new IDE and agents to all Electric Imp developer accounts. The next time you log into Electric Imp you will have access to agents, and, with that, your saved code in the new IDE.  

Latest Electric Imp Hackathon Forecasts Sunny Days Ahead


Hi, everyone. It’s time again for another Electric Imp update. Lots to catch you up on, as always, so let’s get right to it.