Petasense Accelerates Industrial IoT and Simplifies Predictive Maintenance with Electric Imp’s Secure IoT Platform


Electric Imp®, Inc., a global leader providing enterprise secure IoT, today announced that Petasense, an innovative Industrial IoT startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, has been utilizing the Electric Imp IoT Platform to successfully accelerate the development of its machine learning based […]

Security News: Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACK)


Today, a new vulnerability affecting the security of WPA2 protected wireless networks was disclosed. The Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) can render the network encryption transparent, allowing traffic to be viewed and - in certain circumstances - interfered with.

Electric Imp Secure IoT Platform and KiWi Power Deliver Next Generation of Intelligent Grid Monitoring and Demand Response Solutions


Electric Imp, a global leader providing enterprise secure IoT, today announced that KiWi Power, the UK’s leading demand response aggregator, is using the Electric Imp IoT Platform to deliver the next generation of innovative, low-cost devices for intelligent electrical metering and energy use […]

Electric Imp and Autodesk Make it Faster and Easier for Industrial Manufacturing OEMs to Innovate Secure IoT-Enabled Products


Industrial manufacturing OEMs can now build and prototype IoT-enabled products more quickly and easily through a new collaboration between Electric Imp and Autodesk. With the Electric Imp IoT platform and Autodesk’s Fusion Connect, the two industry leaders have launched the IoT Discovery Toolkit, […]

Electric Imp Previews the Ultimate in Product Development and Lifecycle Management Tools for IoT: impCentral™


We announced impCentral, our new product development and management platform, in July 2017, with the goal of making massively scalable Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and product lifecycle management easier than ever. impCentral’s foundation API was released for preview at that time, and today […]