Shedding Light On the BlinkUp Process


We recently posted new information in the Dev Center to help clarify the BlinkUp process and provide further guidance to make it easier for you to connect your imp enabled devices. Just in case you missed it, we thought it would be useful to post again.


But first, if you’re new to Electric Imp, a little about BlinkUp and how it works. BlinkUp is a super simple way to connect your Electric Imp devices to the Internet, and is available as an app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets through the App Store or Google Play. The BlinkUp app sends pulses of light from your smartphone or tablet directly to a light receptor on your device, and within seconds it will be connected to the Web and good to go!

If you’re unable to get your device up and running, the troubleshooting overview and various videos in the BlinkUp Guide in the Dev Center will help resolve any issues you may have encountered. You can also turn to our forums for assistance.

On a related note, we also added a “show password” feature to the BlinkUp app for Android (and it will soon be available in the iOS version) so users can see their WiFi password upon first entry into the app. It is then hidden in all subsequent entries to ensure your password details remain secure.

Karan Malik
Marketing Communications Intern