Web based secure serial terminal

Hugo Fiennes |
CEO and co-founder@Electric Imp

As I grew up in the 80's, the humble serial port - an often neglected socket on the back of many home computers - became the portal to a much bigger world. Modems had existed for decades by that point, but it wasn't until the mid 80's that they became cheap enough that there was an explosion of […]

Raising the Bar on Security of Mass-Scale IoT

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for any IoT strategy (or product) and carries with it critical technical, business, and even legal implications. Poor or incomplete security undermines the value of an IoT offering, creates a significant business risk for a company, and can have a critical global […]

Electric Imp Releases Next-Generation impWorks™ Tools, Driving Workflow Productivity and Scalability Across the IoT Solution Life-Cycle

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

An underappreciated but critical aspect of successful IoT deployments is the ability to manage and scale the solution workflow through the entire life-cycle — from development, through testing, production, deployment, in-field updates and long-term maintenance.

Electric Imp IDE Transitioning to impCentral in March 2018


As announced last July, Electric Imp’s development environment is transitioning from its legacy IDE to the newly-released impCentral. As the successor to the Electric Imp IDE, impCentral combines the best software development and production management features of the IDE with a more intuitive and […]

Electric Imp Announces Platform-Native Bluetooth LE Support for IoT Applications


Electric Imp today announced its platform now supports Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) communication, enabling manufacturers to quickly and easily address applications requiring local wireless connectivity.