Air quality monitoring with Slack

Hugo Fiennes |
CEO and co-founder@Electric Imp

As many Californians are now painfully aware, the smoke from the multitude of fires currently raging in the state is making life unpleasant; not as unpleasant as it has been for those who have lost loved ones or homes, but the impact on air quality from the smoke has been particularly hard for  […]

Shedding Light On the BlinkUp Process


We recently posted new information in the Dev Center to help clarify the BlinkUp process and provide further guidance to make it easier for you to connect your imp enabled devices. Just in case you missed it, we thought it would be useful to post again.

Electric Imp Makes "Inactive Models" Accessible to Active Users


A belated happy new year from Electric Imp! 2014 has already gotten off to a fast start for us with all signs indicating that this is the year the Internet of Things truly arrives in the mainstream. Of course, we will be at the center of it all and continue to keep you updated every step of the way.

IFTTT Team Brings Music to Our Ears


Electric Imp guest bloggers Bunnie Curtis and Andrew Lim are from IFTTT, a service than enables users to make powerful connections with one simple statement: “If this then that.”

Light Bulb Moment: AC Dimming with the Imp


Our recent OS release 27 update highlighted a variety of new features, including pin-triggered pulse generator (ptpg). This post will shed light on how ptpg, intended for use with triac circuits, can be utilized to control the brightness of an incandescent bulb.