Cold Chain Monitoring with the Losant IoT Platform and Electric Imp


A great number of industries can benefit from Cold Chain Monitoring, or the intelligent monitoring of a temperature-controlled supply chain. It combines asset tracking and sensor monitoring in a very unique way. As the assets — items such as chemicals, produce, drugs — are moving through the supply […]

IoT, it really is all about the data

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

When I think about what IoT can bring to organizations it really is all about the data.  There is one customer that I think is the purest example of a simple yet elegant business model and that’s Petasense – where the value of the data is the value of the company.  

IoT...Do It Yourself?

Oliver Hutaff |
CFO & COO @Electric Imp

It’s tempting to build your own connected device, either wifi and/or cellular, given that connecting a device to the Internet, and keeping it secure,  seems routine and straightforward.

Raising the Bar on Security of Mass-Scale IoT

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for any IoT strategy (or product) and carries with it critical technical, business, and even legal implications. Poor or incomplete security undermines the value of an IoT offering, creates a significant business risk for a company, and can have a critical global […]

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