impCellular: Now Shipping in Volume to Kick-Start Your IoT Business

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

In May, Electric Imp announced impCellular, which dramatically simplifies the complexities of cellular IoT and enables our customers to rapidly deliver secure, cost effective, and ubiquitous commercial-grade IoT solutions. This is Cellular IoT, Reinvented.  To learn more about impCellular and how […]

Raising the Bar on Security of Mass-Scale IoT

Terrence Barr |
Head of Solutions Engineering @Electric Imp

Cybersecurity is now a top concern for any IoT strategy (or product) and carries with it critical technical, business, and even legal implications. Poor or incomplete security undermines the value of an IoT offering, creates a significant business risk for a company, and can have a critical global […]

Electric Imp introduces new module featuring wired Ethernet and 5GHz WiFi


Yesterday we announced new imp Cloud options to further support commercial customers, and today Electric Imp is introducing its latest imp module, the imp005, which integrates two new features that have both been long demanded by commercial customers: 5GHz WiFi and wired Ethernet.

Expanding the imp Cloud options to fit your needs


Electric Imp has unveiled its service roadmap to show how we will meet the evolving needs of our current and future customers. We are extending the reach of the imp Cloud services we offer with a series of fresh options for customers who require a more tailored service, including dedicated server, […]

Electric Imp updates impOS to double device code capacity, call time on slow updates


Electric Imp is pleased to announce that today we started rolling out the latest, most advanced version of impOS, Release 32, to all developers.