Connected Commerce in the Age of IoT

In the world where data is king and consumers are provided with many purchasing options, brick and mortar retailers must provide engaging physical and digital shopping experiences that is coupled with a simple sales transaction to thrive in the new retail environment. Implementing a connected commerce solution that combines customer insights, instant promotions, real-time product availability, and simplified transactions will allow these retailers to provide better customer experiences, improve store loyalty, and maximize sales and profitability.

In this solution brief you'll learn:

•  how integrate a variety of beacons and smart sensor technologies with proprietary data formats, business applications and backend systems

• how to deploy and install these systems in complex and sometimes extreme environments, restrictive locations, or battery-only operations

•  how to protect entire systems of components against the latest cyber vulnerabilities and security risks

• how to meet TCO (total cost of ownership) and TTM (time-to-market) milestones that scale in volume


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