Auto Replenishment in the Era of IoT Solution Brief

Auto replenishment in the era of IoT can ensure smooth, timely deliveries of consumables for greater customer satisfaction, and better supplier inventory and logistics management. For customers and suppliers, it’s a win-win situation. Customers don’t risk running out of a critical consumables, and suppliers gain a closer relationship with customers and gain the information they need to drive their own just-in-time supply chains better.

However, it can be something of a challenge to connect the diverse systems that make up the supply chain, and to deliver a flexible and customizable platform that is able to bridge the gap between the device and the cloud, as well as between the cloud and other Internet-connected resources securely. 

Find out how the power of the Electric Imp IoT Connectivity Platform puts data gathering intelligence into the device and allows it to autonomously signal the state of its consumables to stakeholder systems that fully protects customer data and brings actionable insights and profitability to the manufacturer.

AutoReplenishment-SolBrief image