IoT: Build it? Buy it? What to Consider.

The Internet of Things is changing the nature of competition and driving new business models for suppliers and manufacturers. Successful IoT deployments require technical expertise in hardware, and lifecycle management, but IoT secure connectivity is one of the most significant challenges that many companies are not prepared to make. They often underestimate the complexity of designing and supporting a secure, connected IoT product for their future business needs thereby delaying or abandoning their current project. 

Build or Buy? Purchasing a complete IoT solution will reduce your time-to-market and accelerate your time-to-revenue rather than building it in-house. But building it yourself allows you control over your product application giving you advantages over the competition. Why not do both?

How do you choose? Read this solution brief to learn:

  • How to decide what portions of an IoT solution to build in-house and what to outsource
  • What to look for when choosing partners to help you build out an IoT solution
  • When to use an IoT connectivity platform to address business requirements


IoT Build vs Buy