The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform is an application enablement platform which allows enterprises to effectively build applications and create solutions that transform real-time data from devices into custom end-user experiences. To enable this, secure and reliable data flow between devices and the cloud application is a prerequisite - known as the “first mile” IoT challenge. 

The Electric Imp Edge-to-Enterprise IoT platform solves that first mile IoT challenge with a fully integrated and managed device connectivity solution. Our unique architecture and flexible integration with the Losant platform virtually eliminates the complexities of deploying, commissioning, securing, and managing IoT devices at scale. Losant customers can focus on deriving business value from their device data with Losant’s application platform, instead of worrying about overcoming the constantly-changing challenges of first-mile device support.


The combined platforms provide a powerful and deployment-ready device-to-cloud solution, enabling customers to deliver secure, scalable, and valuable IoT business applications in record time.

Why Enterprises Trust Electric Imp
  • Continuous chip-to-cloud security, including distinction as the only IoT platform certified to UL® Cybersecurity Certification 2900-2-2
  • Proven and scalable platform, used by 100+ customers and supporting millions of devices
  • Fully managed, efficient WiFi, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity with bi-directional, multi-channel communication
  • Commodity hardware module support, with scalable and secure device manufacturing
  • Fully programmable edge and cloud application platforms -- enabling advanced IoT applications with edge intelligence, in-flight data processing, transformations, and seamless enterprise integrations
  • Secure device provisioning, on-boarding, device management and operations including fail-safe OTA upgrade of both operating system and applications
  • Pre-provisioned, multi-network cellular connectivity service -- making it simple, affordable, and ubiquitous
  • Public and private cloud options
The Electric Imp - Losant Solution for Commercial and Industrial IoT

Our advanced Losant integration is available today and gives customers the ability to easily and securely integrate devices at scale with the Losant platform and take advantage of Losant’s application environment and workflow engine for ‘no-code’ development and deployment of commercial-grade, end-to-end IoT business solutions.

Losant Integration Highlights
  • Enterprise-scale integration with the Losant platform APIs, including low-latency  bi-directional data flow and customizable device data models and commands
  • Live device data is readily accessible in the Losant platform, allowing the building of dashboards, workflows, and applications with a few clicks
  • Fully integrated device-to-cloud cybersecurity chain including silicon-level device security, advanced mutual authentication, industrial-grade device silicon-to-cloud crypto, and API authentication
  • Programmable Electric Imp edge intelligence and cloud middleware to enable differentiated and seamlessly integrated end-to-end IoT solutions with Losant

What You Can Build with Electric Imp and Losant

The tight integration of the Electric Imp and the Losant platforms combined with the flexibility to easily customize device and cloud business logic and application workflows gives enterprises everything they need to build and deploy feature-rich and valuable IoT applications rapidly, including:

  • Logistics and asset tracking with custom sensors and business logic
  • Remote monitoring and control of commercial equipment, including support for legacy products and protocols
  • Industrial solutions such as predictive maintenance with advanced edge processing for data filtering and device-level analytics
  • Smart and efficient battery-powered solutions with easy deployment and years of operational life
  • ...and many other Greenfield and Brownfield (retrofit) IoT solutions

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