Electric Imp helps more than 100 manufacturers and enterprises transform the world through the power of secure IoT connectivity

Why Enterprises Prefer Electric Imp

  • Independent security certification, including status as the only IoT platform certified to UL® Cybersecurity Certification 2900-2-2

  • Meets Microsoft's "Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices" 
  • Fail-safe OTA upgrade of both operating system and application, with comprehensive device and operations management

  • Cloud middleware to address varied real-world use cases and enterprise integrations

  • Widely available pre-provisioned modules, enabling easy device manufacturing

  • Millions of devices on platform
  • Public and private cloud options


How We Enable Microsoft Azure IoT Customers

We built our integration to virtually eliminate the complexities of deploying, commissioning, securing and managing IoT devices at scale for Azure IoT deployments. Azure IoT customers can now focus on capturing and using their valuable business data instead of worrying about overcoming the constantly-changing challenges of first mile connectivity and security.


All-Azure Solution for Industrial IoT

In addition to providing an advanced AMQP- and MQTT-based integration supporting low-latency bi-directional data flow, secure programmatic device on-boarding, custom in-flight data processing, and fail-safe device management of IoT devices at scale, Electric Imp also offers customers the option of a private managed Electric Imp Cloud instance, fully hosted on Microsoft Azure. 


Private Cloud

Public and Private Azure Cloud

Electric Imp provides an “All-Azure” approach, offering customers both public and private managed Electric Imp Cloud instances, fully hosted within Microsoft Azure.



High-performance AMQP and MQTT Integrations

Electric Imp’s AMQP and MQTT integrations into Azure IoT Hub and other Azure services are designed for secure, enterprise-scale, low-latency, bi-directional communication, making it ideally suited for a wide range of high-performance and near-realtime IoT applications.


Azure IoT

Secure Integration with Azure IoT Services

Our integration with Azure enables Electric Imp customers to leverage Microsoft’s storage and advanced data analytics, while simplifying the setup and management of highly scalable, secure communications between the silicon edge and your enterprise cloud.

MSFT Azure Diagram-Rd5B

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